Pelican Bay

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 Single Family Homes

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As a part of the Naples-Marco Island metropolitan area, Pelican Bay itself has a year round population of just under 6,000 people; however, like many cities in southern Florida, the population typically swells during the winter months when retirees and vacationers head to the area to escape the frigid cold. Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico and with a demographic consisting mostly of residents over the age of 60 years, Pelican Bay is largely considered a retirement community for the affluent. With year round temperatures at an average of approximately 60 degrees or higher, Pelican Bay stays fairly warm throughout the year with incredibly hot summers.

To accommodate the heat of Florida’s subtropical climate, many of the estates in Pelican Bay emulate architectural designs that originated in the Mediterranean region – designs that have historically been constructed to retain cool temperatures. One of the benefits of this is the aesthetic value that the Mediterranean home brings. With distinct features such as their staple wrought iron chandelier or mantelpiece decorating the interior of the home or the beautiful terrace surrounding a prominent fountain; the Mediterranean style is definitely a unique selection for home buyers. What’s more, some of these upscale Pelican Bay homes for sale display such meticulous attention to detail that they are unparalleled elsewhere. If you are interested in a luxury villa in Southwest Florida, consider one of the various Mediterranean homes in Pelican Bay.

Mediterranean (including Tuscan and Italian) style homes in Pelican Bay typically evoke a feeling of being in a Roman Villa with its dramatic red tile roofs, stucco walls, and ceramic tiles detailing both the exterior as well as the interior of the home. These beautiful estates are typically no higher than two stories, which will likely display its distinguishing arch shaped windows and will often include wrought iron balconies or window grills. Colors found on both the outside and inside of these Mediterranean style homes for sale tend to be vibrant with different variations and shades of red. Colorful landscaping that brings out the rich Mediterranean flavor usually completes the picture in these estates.

Additionally, you’ll find that a number of these Pelican Bay homes, specifically Tuscan style homes, that evoke an old-world European feel. Named after the Tuscany region in central Italy, these Tuscan styled homes feature soft earthy color pallets on stucco homes that distinguishes them from other homes. In many cases, stonework is usually emphasized in the home’s landscaping as well as in the interior of the home. Tuscan style architecture includes the use of terra cotta tiles and wrought iron accents, consistent with the Mediterranean style. However, where their Mediterranean counter-parts are eye-catching and bold a Tuscan style home tends to be elegant and understated giving off the charm of an old European village. Nonetheless, even these Tuscan style homes are far from plain and simple. Pelican Bay homes are known for their grandeur and eye-catching architectural style with their most attractive feature being the kitchen.

Although no two homebuyers have the same expectations when searching for a home, almost all want the best kitchen they can get for their investment. After all, the kitchen is where the in-home dweller spends most of his or her time. This particular space needs to be both functional and pleasing to the eye. If you are looking at Pelican Bay homes for sale, you will find a variety of elegant estates that come with exceptional kitchens that are by no means modest. Six burner stoves, double ovens, commercial size refrigerators and wine cellars are not out of the norm in these lavish estates. All of these features make Pelican Bay homes even more desirable to those who can afford them. With detailed cabinetries, fixtures that display both quality and craftsmanship, and top of the line appliances/conveniences, a buyer in this luxury real estate market will have choice options when it comes to finding a ritzy home with an equally elegant kitchen.

Pelican Bay remains one of southern Florida’s best kept secrets. If the Mediterranean style meets your taste, and you are looking luxury, craftsmanship, and proximity to water you absolutely must tour Pelican Bay.