Naples FL Market! OVER 450% Increase from last year!

October 5, 2020

Fun Facts! See the Chart Below for the details…. Everyone is asking how is the market, is it really different from last year?   The answer is YES, and here is the proof!  First let’s start off by saying I love my numbers because they tell the accurate story, can’t fight facts.   Location and price bands can make a big difference in the results.  Naples Market has seen overall increase, from 9.5% to over 457% increase depending on the price range.  This months leader is properties selling in the $2,000,000 – $3,000,000 price range, with a 457% increase over last year….(that is not a typo) Four hundred and fifty seven percent increase!  That’s amazing…… Sept 5th – October 5th 2019 there were 7 closed sales,  in the past 30 days from October 5, 2020 we have seen 39 CLOSED transaction.  See the Chart Below for the details…. 

$5 million and above saw an increase of 240%,

$1.5Million to $2 Million saw an increase of 230%!

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